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The Hillsong Africa Foundation

The Hillsong Africa Foundation

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Around half of South Africa’s urban population lives in townships and informal settlements, where ongoing cycles of poverty are promoted by lack of access to skills development, unemployment, substance and alcohol abuse, crime and gang activity, lack of quality educational support systems and inadequate housing and access to public services (World Bank, 2014).

The Hillsong Africa Foundation seeks to build the resilience and capacity of individuals and families in these marginalised communities. The Hillsong Africa Foundation’s mission is to give hope to the destitute by restoring families and dignity, and by ending cycles of poverty, addiction, abuse, and violence.

With a focus on identity, relationship, and leadership, programs are tailored in partnership with each community and include after school programs, an early childhood education and parenting course, personal development courses, literacy development in schools, and programs to increase family-based care options for orphans and vulnerable children. Together we can support Hillsong Africa Foundation to build lives that will build the nation of South Africa.