Colour Sisterhood

A Modern-Day Movement

The Colour Sisterhood is a growing movement of women who are responding to the simple invitation to BE THE CHANGE and make a positive difference in their local and global communities.

We are living in remarkable and yet challenging days, and the need for peace, answers and solution is greater than ever.

If making the world a better place resonates with you, you belong within the Sisterhood story.


Start here!

Equip yourself to create change.

Learn about the state of the world for CHILDREN, SISTERS, & NATIONS, why we should respond, and questions to ask to get started.


Take action!


Explore different pathways of local and global response, as an INDIVIDUAL, a GROUP, and as a global Colour SISTERHOOD.


Join the movement.


Spread the word, share your story to inspire others, and be a part of the Colour Sisterhood movement across the globe. 

The Sisterhood Story

The journey of the Colour Sisterhood thus far…


Every contribution to a Colour Sisterhood project helps provide tangible response and bring about positive change for children, sisters and nations.